- Welcome


Welcome to Mazeverse a Metaverse NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain. Get ready to enter an a-MAZE-ing world!

- Mazeverse

Enter an
A-Maze-ing World

Mazeverse is a gigantic maze metaverse and the home of a-MAZE-ing NFT collections. 



Our mission:

Build the most complex and exciting maze metaverse that connects the community through a-MAZE-ing artworks while offering a deeply immersive experience full of stories, characters and even social games.

03 A
- Mazers


The Mazers are 8888 Warriors standing tall to defend the Mazeverse against its enemies.


  • Exclusive access to special Mazeverse NFTs 
  • Guaranteed mints in future Mazeverse collections
  • Discover hidden legendary NFTs allong the story line!
03 B


In Mazeverse everyone can own a piece of the Maze and get a-MAZE-ing benefits:


  • All Mazer Collection benefits
  • Freemint 10 Mazers guaranteed
- story

The beginning

Hear the Story:

Set in the year 2092, people are escaping the real world through virtual reality. With the invention of a full dive VR device that controls a user’s senses, players are able to get inside a game as a game character.


With the emergence of these virtual reality games, a metaverse, unlike any other, has been introduced to the public.

After the game was released, thousands of players logged in. However, a few days later, players started to have difficulties logging out due to server errors.


A virus, in the form of dark shadows, emerged in the metaverse and petrified every player in its path.


The remaining players took refuge in one of the underdeveloped parts of the metaverse, creating a maze using maze pieces to safeguard them from the insatiable virus. They call the place „Mazeverse“.

As time passed, the maze grew, special structures were developed, and powerfull Mazepieces were build and special energy called the „Mazeshards“ arose – giving fuel to the Mazeverse ecosystem.

However, it’s only a matter of time before the shadows invade the Mazeverse.

Only the most skillful and valiant players are brave enough to face the shadows and find the exit point to reality. This group of fearless players called themselves „Mazers“!

- MazeMap

Explore an
A-Maze-Ing Metaverse

The Mazemap is a core element in the Mazeverse. In this map all NFTs are coming together in one place. People can get information about other NFT owners and add custom Pins to their Mazepieces to express themself to others. and customize their own NFT to express themself to others.


Take a look at the Mazemap and feel the connection between the Mazepieces of the first drop.

- Token

The Mazeshard

Mazeshards are the fuel of the Mazeverse ecosystem. Players that possess Mazeshards can enjoy certain features which have been designed for a deeply immersive experience. They can be utilized for a number of use cases including buying Metaverse assets, gaming participation tickets, game assets and many more.


Mazeshards are yielded by Mazepiece NFTs according to their rarity:


  • Common = 5 $MSHRD / day
  • Rare = 10 $MSHRD / day
  • Epic = 25 $MSHRD / day
  • Legendary = 100 $MSHRD / day
- Roadmap


We see a bright future for the metaverse in the world of NFTs. With this in mind, we came up with a very unique project. A metaverse where people can connect through unique NFT collections in a gigantic Maze world. We plan to keep it exciting and enjoyable while creating a deep immersive story that glues everything together. Welcome to an a-MAZE-ing journey!

Phase 1

The first phase of the Mazeverse project is laying a solid foundation.

The Mazeverse is currently a mazemap that consists of the first 63 Mazepieces and will grow over the course of the roadmap. Together with the storyline, it forms the foundation of the Mazeverse. 

8888 Mazer NFTs then give the Mazeverse the characters a community needs to come together well. 

Community building is the main focus of this phase.

Phase 2

The second phase brings the community closer together. 

With more collections for the community and many different utilities that hold the community together and bring it benefits, the community grows stronger and stronger together.

The mazemap will also be used more and more during this time so that new pins will be found on it.

Phase 3

The third phase is dedicated to the development of games.

The first game will be a tactical game in which the mazers prepare for the fight against the dark shadows. 

In addition, a dual token model will also be aimed at in this phase. The Mazeshard will become the central currency in the Mazeverse and supply all areas with utility. 

After the first game, more will follow. The content can also be co-determined by the community.

Phase 4

This phase is about using Mazeverse to give back to people in the world who are not doing so well. 

Merchandise, royalties and other things will be used to support charity projects chosen by the community. 

At this stage at the latest, there will be many Mazers who are firmly integrated into the community and even lead it. I as founder will not play a big role anymore. 

Community for community is the motto of this phase

Phase 5
A new Era

This last phase is also the beginning of a new cycle: V2
Mazeverse is just one of the underdeveloped areas in the virus-infected metaverse. And the Mazers are just some of the players trapped in the game.

The V2 Layer of the Mazeverse will showcase other underdeveloped areas in the metaverse and will need a whole new kind of NFT assets for special power supplies of the new world.

This roadmap provides a fluid process of our developers‘ plan for the future of the Mazeverse project and is also subject to change. Any delays or changes will be communicated to the community as early as possible.

- Partners


- Team

The first Mazers

Members from all over the world have come together to shape a unique NFT and gaming experience.

Sebastian H.


Sebastian has been passionate about mazes since he was a kid. With the support of his highly engaged team he tries to build the biggest maze ever created and gives everyone the opportunity to join this journey.

JEffrey C.

Graphic Designer

Drawing has always been Jeffrey’s passion, with the help of the Mazeverse Project he now enjoys drawing more than ever.


Discord Bot master
Aki is a developer that started programming at a young age and masters Python and Rust. As a Discord Bot Master Aki made the custom bot that manages most of the things happening on the Discord Server.

Abir K.

Discord Head Mod

Abir knows the Discord NFT community in and out. With this knowledge and his super kind way to talk to people he keeps our community safe and friendly.



Enthusiastic Developer with 2 Years experience participating in the complete product Development lifecycle of successfully launched application. Team Player with Can-do Attitude.


Most frequent questions and answers

Mazeverse is an enormous Maze Metaverse.


It is the first metaverse of its kind where a player can own a piece of land in the form of a Mazepiece NFT. 


Mazeverse NFT owners can customize their NFTs, participate in maze games, and earn rewards.

Mazeshard is Mazeverse’s community token.These tokens are yielded by staking Mazepiece NFTs and will fuel the Mazeverse ecosystem — from paying services, to customization and buying of special assets. 


Players that possess Mazeshards can enjoy certain features which have been designed for a deeply immersive experience. 

Pins are similar to map pins on a google map. They mark Mazepiece locations in the Mazeverse with a custom icon. Every pin will have a pop-up function where Mazepiece NFT owners can put their desired picture, text, and links. The Maze Pin will be a great way for these NFT owners to showcase or market anything they like.

Mazepiece is an NFT asset that you can own in Mazeverse. They are NFTs with different rarity that are interconnected with each other and are put together in a maze map with individual map pins that can be customized by the NFT owner.

The Mazeverse Map, also known as the Maze Map, is a very important key feature of the Mazeverse Project. It is an overall representation of all the Mazepiece NFTs put together showing physical features and relevant information.

To meet the rest of the Mazeverse community, you can join our Discord Server here